Movie Closet Project

Hey everyone, today I’m going to be talking about something other than books. As you may know if you’ve been following me for awhile, my husband and I bought my parent’s house over a year ago and we have been slowly doing projects around the house, making it our own. One of the most recent projects we just completed this past week and I am super excited about it. Besides books, I love and collect movies and tv seasons. I have a pretty large collection and they’ve been housed on mismatched old bookshelves which ended up making our downstairs living area look a little cluttered. Excuse the mess in the below BEFORE photo… this area has been a bit of a catch-all the last few months.


There is a closet space in the downstairs that used to have an old fridge. We got rid of the fridge and started working on finishing the space to turn it into a movie closet. We started with just plain concrete floors and drywall. Ethan added these carpet squares and the baseboard trim. Eventually he will also be adding the trim around the closet opening. For now it’s just raw until he can get the last of the supplies.


Originally I wanted to fill it with Ikea Billy shelves to match my library shelves but the closet wasn’t quite big enough for what I wanted to do so we came up with plan B: making our own shelves. We decided to go a little bit of the easy route and get the shelving racks you hang on the wall and then jazz up some wood boards to add to them.



Our favorite way to add interest to plain pine is to sand them down, torch them to bring out the grain, and then stain and seal them. The above photo is after Ethan torched two of the boards. Once all of the boards were finished, we added some simple bookends to the ends of each board and mounted them on the brackets. We ended up having quite a bit of extra room at the bottom so we talked about adding another board to the bottom. But we ended up going with something we already had at the house that allowed us to add double the storage space.


Here is a closeup of the awesome shelves. I seriously can’t stop looking at them and love how they turned out.


I had so much fun filling the shelves up with all of our tv seasons, blurays, and dvds. Started to run out of room at the bottom so I’m really glad we had these other media shelves that fit perfectly underneath the last shelf. We also decided to add another full bookcase on one side of the closet to house some of the bigger special editions and all of our puzzles and board games.


Here is the finished product! I’m really happy with how everything turned out and I love having them all in one place. Makes it so much easier to find something to watch. Mini tour: top three shelves are TV series, next two shelves are blurays, then DVDs. At the bottom in the media shelves, the left half area all kids movies, and the right half are the rest of the dvds.Not a great photo with the light glaring from above but hey, it’s a basement closet so that’s as good as it’ll get haha. If you’re interested in a more detailed tour of the shelves to check out my collection, let me know in the comments and I will do a more in depth post.

What are some of your favorite tv shows and/or movies?

Book Journal Project Complete

11329862_957687869263_6909989782567211323_nI have finally completed my book journal project.  Although it’s not so much a book journal as it is a binder with different sections to keep track of things like my wishlist and my collections.  If the ring size had been bigger I may have had more room to keep a section with an area to take notes on the book I’m reading at the moment.  I am extremely happy with how this project came out!  Like I mentioned in my original post about this (see that here), I had been looking to make something like this for a long time but could never figure out exactly how I wanted to do it.  I was searching on Pinterest for what seemed like the millionth time when I finally came across two pins that in combination would make exactly what I was looking for.  I will have the links for those two posts at the bottom of this post.  This post is going to have a lot of photos!  I’m only going to use the medium size so you can get the general idea but feel free to click on any of them to see the full size image! 🙂

I got the materials I needed at Target and on Amazon.  In total it cost around $25 to make.  I would have loved to make it in a Filofax type binder like the original blogs but I just don’t have that kind of money right now.

IMG_20150526_192208I got this super cute binder at Target for only $3.99.  They also had a pink one with flamingoes and a salmon colored one with pineapples on it.  I’m not a huge fan of pink so I went with the mintish green with zebras.  It’s not a full size binder, it fits 5.5 X 8.5 sheets of paper.

IMG_20150526_192229I added 4 sections using Avery dividers that I got from Amazon.  You can write on the tabs.  On each divider I put a graphic that I either made or found online that I felt went perfectly with whatever that section was for.IMG_20150526_192238The first section I have is my wishlist.  I also have a wishlist started on my Goodreads page but I wanted to have a physical copy as well.

IMG_20150526_192246I added a column to check off when I get the book, a column for the title and author, then a final column for the format that I want the book in.

IMG_20150526_192301My next section is my Acquisitions section.  I found this fun quote graphic on Pinterest and decided it would go perfectly for this section!  I used the word Acquisitions because I will also be including any ARCs I receive and also any gifts from friends or family so not everything written down will be a book I purchase.

IMG_20150526_192310I have 5 columns for this section.  First is the date, then title, then place (or person if gift), $ amount and format.  I am trying to be better about buying books so I think this will help me keep an eye on how much I am spending.

IMG_20150526_192326The next one is my Daily Reads section.  I want to try and get in the habit of reading everyday, even if I can only get in half hour or less.

IMG_20150526_192334At the front of this section I will keep a list of every book I read for the entire year.

IMG_20150526_192354Then each month has a page and I numbered it down the side.  One line per day.  Every day that I read, I write down the title of the book I read that day.  If I didn’t read at all then it stays blank.  I want to have as few blank days as I can manage.

IMG_20150526_192403The final section is My Collection.  For this one there are really two parts to the section.  The first part is for my physical books and the second is for my Kindle books.  I got two sets of the A-Z labeled tabs from Avery.

IMG_20150526_192410I totally love this graphic that I found on Pinterest so I had to use that for my physical books section.

IMG_20150526_192417Each letter gets a page (or two depending on how many books I have).  I have organized them by the author’s last name.  Then I added a column in the front to cross it off if I have read the book.

IMG_20150526_192429For my Kindle section, I just used the Kindle logo.

IMG_20150526_192437Rather than have a list of the titles, I felt like I needed to have photos to remind myself of what the cover looked like.  I tend to forget all about the Kindle books I own and it’s easier for me to remember what the book is about if I can see the cover.  Then to mark if I have read the book I got these cute little smiley face stickers.  If I have read the book, I put the sticker in the upper left corner of the cover.

IMG_20150526_192540And I have a little folder to keep the sheets of stickers in the binder.

To make the cover photo pages I copy and pasted the photos from Goodreads into a Word document, shrank them down so they are all 1.5 inches long.  Then I changed the margin setting so that they would fit easily onto the 5.5 x 8.5 paper.  Since each lettered tab has two (and occasionally three) on it I decided to just combine the two letters onto one sheet.  For these I decided to organize them by title rather than author.  IMG_20150526_184930 After I printed them out, I cut them to size and used double sided tape to adhere them to the paper.IMG_20150526_185501Then I went through and marked them with the smiley stickers if I had read the books.

You might have noticed that each of the pieces of paper is a colored border on the side with the holes punched.  Originally the paper was all white but I love color so I wanted to add a splash of color to each sheet while also protecting the holes from getting torn.  So I used my washi tape collection to make that happen.

IMG_20150525_201830First, I laid down a blank sheet of the paper on the table.

IMG_20150525_201903Then I added a strip of the washi tape, getting it as close to the edge of the long side as possible.

IMG_20150525_201917Then I flipped the sheet over to add another strip of washi to the other side.

IMG_20150525_201957When both sides had the washi tape on, I trimmed the edges with my scissors.

IMG_20150525_202037To re-punch the holes I took another blank sheet and laid it over the top to make sure I had the holes lined up perfectly.  Some of the washi tape was transparent enough to see where the holes but some were more opaque.  Then I used my single hole punch to re-punch the holes through the washi tape.  I opted for the single punch instead of buying an actual 7-hole punch because of the price difference.  A single hole punch cost me less than $3 whereas the 7-hole punches run closer to $30.  So it wasn’t a hard decision to make.

IMG_20150525_202658So that is how I got all of the fun colors while also protecting the holes from tearing off the rings.

And so there you have it!  My book journal-ish binder is now complete and I absolutely love it!

Here are the links to my inspiration:

It’s My Life! – Book Journal

Incarnations of Organization – Books, Books and more Books.

Non-Bookish Project Complete!

Over the weekend I finally had the time to start a project I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I talked a little bit about it in this post.  The nightstands we have are from my childhood bedroom and were painted very bright colors.  They were great in my room at home but weren’t working too well with our current wall colors.  So I decided to paint them black.

I wanted to get a paint that would stand up to being in use everyday.  I went to Menards and was checking out the paint aisle and found what I figured would be perfect.  Of course, I do not claim to be an expert at all in painting furniture so don’t take my word for it!


I got a semi-gloss enamel paint that they say is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.  It promised a durable finish and that it was scrubbable and stain resistant.  That’s exactly what I was looking for.  And the best part was that it was on sale!  So Ethan and I brought them down to the garage and set them up on some old newspaper to protect the garage floor.


Then I lightly went over all of the surfaces with a medium grit sandpaper to rough up the surface a bit.  The paint was a primer and paint all in one so I wasn’t too worried about making the paint stick.  We didn’t patch any of the chips or anything like that either.  They aren’t that noticeable and nobody but us will see them so it wasn’t a big deal for us.


Ethan helped me do the first coat.  I had him work on his nightstand which is the blue one with three drawers.  I’m very particular about my things so if my nightstand was going to get messed up then I’d rather that it was me that messed it up haha 🙂

partial first coatMy nightstand has one drawer and a small shelf in the lower portion of the stand.  I like to keep notebooks, candles, Scentsy melts on that shelf and on the bottom shelf I sometimes keep extra books or books that I feel in the mood to read.  I thought about using the leftover paint from our bedroom walls to paint the inside of the drawers to give it a little extra dimension but I decided not to because the paint was only eggshell sheen and I wanted to be able to clean it easily.  I keep various things in the drawer like my chapstick, reading glasses, pens, journals, matches, etc.

drawerMy nightstand took three full coats.  I was hoping that only two coats would cover it but there was still some green showing through so on Sunday I painted the final coat.  It’s been raining since Sunday almost non-stop so it’s taken awhile to fully dry.  But I finally was able to have it brought back up to our bedroom today.

alldoneallsetThat looks so much better now!!!!  Love it!

In other news, I am almost done with my bookish project mentioned in that same post at the beginning of this one.  I might have to make a few changes though because I’m actually running out of room but I still have pages to add 😦

Check back for an update on that project!

Upcoming Projects – Bookish and Not So Bookish

I have two projects that I will be starting soon.  The first one, the not so bookish project, I will be starting tonight after work.  Currently our nightstands are the same ones that I had in my teenage bedroom.  They are great, solid wood but the colors just don’t work with the color scheme in our house now.  Our bedroom walls are painted a teal like color called Key Largo.  This photo was taken shortly after we moved in 3 years ago so it looks a lot different now.  But as you can see, the nightstands don’t exactly work well with the walls.  We have since got matching black dressers as well so I decided I want to paint them black.



The paint that is currently on the nightstands was leftover paint from when my mom and I painted my room at home when I was in high school.  I posted this photo awhile back with a tag I did.  As you can see, I love bright colors!  The paint has started to chip but it has lasted for over 10 years!

bedroom collage

So it’s time to move on and make them look like they fit in our house.  So tonight I will begin the process of sanding them and over the next few days start painting them.  I’ll post before and after photos when I’m done.

The second project, which is the bookish project, is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but could never really find a good example to get ideas of how I wanted to execute it.  I’ve wanted a nice book journal to keep track of the books I buy, their cost, when and where I bought them…  Basically a way to keep track of my collection. Especially for my Kindle books.  I have so many but I forget all about them because I never remember to look at what I have.  Yesterday when I decided to try looking for ideas again I found exactly what I was looking for. (Photo links to original blogger – It’s My Life!)

I found this post on Pinterest and it was almost exactly the same as what I wanted to do!  I certainly don’t have the money to buy a Filofax (those things are super spendy!) so I managed to find a cheaper option on Amazon.  I just ordered the things I need today so I should get them on Tuesday since it is Memorial Weekend.  I don’t plan on doing exactly what that blogger did but something similar and combine it with an element from this post from another Filofax user.  In that post, she has small photos of the book covers in her binder.  I’m going to do that for my Kindle books because just looking at the list of titles I don’t always remember what a particular book is about.  But if I see the cover I can remember it.  (Photo links back to her post – Incarnations of Organization)


I am really excited for both of these projects!  But I will be pretty busy over the weekend working on the nightstands so I may be AWOL until that project is over.

Do you have any fun projects (bookish or non-bookish) that you’re currently working on or want to do?

TBR Jars

In one of my last posts I wrote about putting myself on a book ban so that I could save some money and finally start reading some of the books I already have.  To help with that I decided to make a TBR jar!  I still have books in storage because I don’t have enough shelf space so for this project I just used the books I have on my shelves for easy access.  I have also been in the mood to reread some of my favorites so I made two jars.  One TBR and one Reread.

TBRjarsOriginally I was going to color coordinate by genre so it’d be easier to find a book I would be in the mood for.  But I decided that would take too much time.  I ended up using 4 colors.  I used an Excel spreadsheet to type up my books, one sheet tab for each category.  Then I printed each sheet tab onto the colored paper that I assigned to it.  The most time consuming part was probably cutting the paper into slips and folding them.


  • Blue = TBR singles
  • Yellow = 2015 TBR Pile Challenge titles
  • Green = Reread singles
  • Orange = book series

For the book series, I put all of the series I’ve read to completion in the reread jar and the series I haven’t finished reading went in the TBR jar.  If I pull a series from the TBR jar, I will read whichever book is next in the series.

TBRfinalI kept the 2015 TBR Pile Challenge titles separate from them since there are only 8 left.  I added a little washi tape to the outside of the jars to use for labels.

So now when I am struggling to find something to read I will be able to pull a title from the jar and pull whichever book I get off the shelf it is located on.  Easy!