Top Eleven Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday

Aaaaaand welcome back to another Top Ten Tuesday!  It’s been about a month since my last TTT post but I just haven’t been feeling the topics lately.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Each week there is a new topic and this week’s topic is: Ten Books On My Spring TBR. I have decided not to do monthly TBRs anymore because I feel too much pressure to read the books I chose and I may not be in the mood for those anymore by the time I need another book to read.  But I do have some books that I want to read over the course of the next few months so that is what these books are.  And yes, I have one extra in there because who am I kidding?  I can’t choose just ten! 🙂  Also, all of these will count towards my 2016 Read My Books Challenge!


In February I had a couple of pre-orders that I still haven’t gotten around to reading.  My goal this year is to read my pre-orders immediately or shortly after their release… otherwise what is the point of pre-ordering?!  So far I’m not off to a great start but I’m hoping to turn that around.  (I also had a pre-order of Truthwitch and I am currently reading that now).  So I will be reading Stars Above by Marissa Meyer and Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.  I debated re-reading Red Queen before starting Glass Sword but decided to just read a detailed recap for now.


I will also be continuing on my read of the Outlander series.  My next book will be book 6: A Breath of Snow And Ashes.  I am really looking forward to this one.  I’ve been having Outlander withdrawals so it will be good to be back in the Fraser’s world.


I will also be catching up on two series in preparation for the final books to be released this spring.  I have pre-ordered both of the series enders so I will be reading these very soon.  I loved The Winner’s Curse and really can’t wait to continue and finish the trilogy.  I also really loved The Raven Boys so I am very much anticipating the rest of the series.


And last but not least, here are my spring pre-orders with their respective release dates.  I did a special pre-order for The Raven King and got it from Fountain Books in Virginia where it will include a doodle and signed by Maggie Stiefvater.  She has become one of my favorite authors last year so I am really excited to add this to my collection.  And The Rose and the Dagger release date was moved up a week so now I won’t have to decide which to read first between it and A Court of Mist and Fury.  The Rose and the Dagger I pre-ordered from Amazon so it will arrive on it’s release date while it will take extra time for The Raven King to get here.  I also special ordered The Crown’s Game from Kepler’s Books in California.  It will be signed and come with special swag.  It sounds like a completely awesome book so I am very excited to get it!

So this is what my spring TBR looks like!  Do we share any of the same titles?

February Book Haul

March is finally here and spring is one step closer!  This morning I woke up to more snow, not much but enough to make me groan.  I miss green grass and leafy trees.

I’ve been trying very hard to significantly lessen the amount of books I buy every month and I have to say I am very proud of myself for how small my haul is this month.  Especially compared to last month’s 70+ book haul!  Yikes!


This month, I ended up with only 13 books!  And two of them were giveaways!  I was really only planning to purchase my two pre-order books but a couple of things came up that I couldn’t pass up.


First off, we have the two giveaway books!  I was SO SO SO excited to get both of these in the mail!  I couldn’t believe I won!  The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson is a finished hardcover and Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace is an ARC.  I am really looking forward to reading them both soon.


Next up are the TWO books that were in the February OwlCrate!  That’s right, this time around there were two books!  The theme for the month was SciFi Love.  The newly released YA book was The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry and the second book was The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.


Then we have my two February pre-orders.  I am not normally a fan of short stories but I will read anything Marissa Meyer puts out about the Lunar Chronicles!  I still haven’t read it yet (oops) but hope to this month.  Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard is the other pre-order.  I also haven’t read this one yet but hope to get to it soon.  My goal with my future pre-orders (because there are a lot) is to read them right after I get them so they are not sitting around for months.


The first set of unplanned book buys for the month was a small order from Thrift Books.  I lost my copy of The Princess Bride years ago and finally decided to replace it with this gorgeous edition.  Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie Macdonald was a book highly recommended to me.  And I loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower so I finally decided to add that to my collection.


And when A Gathering of Shadows was released there was SO MUCH stuff going around about how utterly amazing this series is so I broke down and bought these two hardcovers from Barnes and Noble.  AGOS is a signed edition, too so that’s pretty cool!


Our local Kmart is finally closing it’s doors and they have been having their storewide closeout sales going on for a few weeks now.  I ended up getting this hardcover for a few dollars.


And last but not least, I finally added the Outlander short stories to my collection!  I just got it in the mail last night and was so excited!  I will be diving back into the Outlander world this month with A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

So that is my book haul for February!  I am actually really looking forward to my book hauls being smaller than they have been.  Throughout the rest of the year I hope to only go with the books I have pre-ordered.  There is at least one for almost every month from now until the end of the year.



To Pre-order Or Not To Pre-Order…

I’ve never really been big on pre-ordering things like books and movies, especially before I had Amazon Prime.  Occasionally I would pre-order a movie or TV season but only if it was cheaper or better than the edition Target had.  For certain new releases, I always wanted my item the day it was released.  Before I had Prime that required me to hope that my Target would have a copy left by the time I was able to make it to the store after work.  My Target is not very good at having enough items in stock so it was always a gamble.  Now that I have Prime, I end up with new releases waiting for me the day of their release!  But before this continues to sound like an advertisement for Amazon, let me get on to my point….

When preparing for this month’s book haul post (which you can expect Monday) I was looking at my past orders on Amazon.  I saw how many open orders I had so I decided to see how many pre-orders I had lined up.  I was really surprised to see the number!  I currently have 8 books pre-ordered (one of which is for my #OTSPSecretSister) and 1 TV season.  I usually like to wait on buying books until the paperback comes out because they are cheaper and generally take up less space than a hardcover.  A couple of books on my pre-order list I just have to have in hardcover and others I just want so badly that I can’t wait for the paperback to be released!

Sept Pre-Orders

The Heir of Fire pre-order is for the paperback.  I have the first two books of the series in paperback so I wanted to continue on with that.  But I knew that once I read Heir of Fire I wouldn’t be able to wait for Queen of Shadows in paperback so I have also pre-ordered QoS which will be released the same day.  I am currently reading Darken the Stars in eARC format and I know I need the paperback to complete my trilogy so I pre-ordered that as well.  And I couldn’t not pre-order vol. 2 of season 1 of Outlander.  It’s the collector’s edition that fits into the collector’s edition of vol. 1.

October Pre-Orders

In October, the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will be released.  I’ve seen a few of the illustrations and they are awesome!  I can’t wait for each one to be released now, even though I have to wait a year in between each one.  Then I couldn’t stop myself from pre-ordering Illuminae.  It looks like one of the most unique and interesting books so I have to have it right away.  And to complete my collection, I have also pre-ordered The Outlandish Companion vol. 2.

Nov Pre-Orders

And for an early birthday present to myself, I have pre-ordered the much anticipated Wheel of Time Companion, completed by Robert Jordan’s wife and editor, Harriet McDougal.  This is one of my favorite series so I can’t wait to re-read the series along with the new companion.  They have been releasing sneak peaks and it looks like it is going to be incredible!

For obvious reasons, I am not going to post a photo of the pre-order I have for my #OTSPSecretSister.  

Do you pre-order books or do you wait for prices to drop?  Do you wait for any particular editions to be released?