Tour My Bookshelves – Part 4

Tour My Bookshelves

Welcome to the final post in my series: Tour My Bookshelves!  If you missed the first three posts, you can check them out here – Part 1Part 2Part 3

This week I will be showing you some of my smaller shelves that are located in various places in my house.  To start off, we’ll take a look at the shelf I have on the landing between my main floor and 2nd level.

Stairwell Shelf Full

It’s a fairly small shelf so I keep mostly mass market paperbacks on it.  I have 4 of my photo albums on the top as well.  I’m not really going to go in much detail on this one because it is a random assortment of books, basically just chosen because they fit on the small shelves.

Stairwell Shelf 1

Stairwell Shelf 2Stairwell Shelf 3Stairwell Shelf 4

Next we will move back down to the living room.  I have another smaller bookshelf full of books and then a few rows of books on my TV season shelf and Blu-ray shelf.

This shelf I split 50/50 with Ethan.  The bottom two shelves hold some of his books.

LR B-Small Full

On the top shelf I have my Game of Thrones books as well as my boxed set of the Mistborn trilogy.

LR B-Small 1

On the next shelf I have my Gone With the Wind collection (which as you saw in one of the above pictures I can’t fit all of them).  The black spined book is a movie tie in edition that came out in 1939.  It has the cast list in front and includes color photos from the movies.  I got it used on eBay so it’s not in the greatest condition but it is awesome none the less.  The book on the end is a biography of Clark Gable.

LR B-Small 2

The next two shelves are Ethan’s.  He is a big fan of sci-fi, especially Isaac Asimov.  He had me read the first three Foundation books and I actually really liked them!

LR B-Small 3LR B-Small 4

The next photo is of the bottom shelf of my TV season shelves.  I had one full shelf free so I was able to have more books out.  I keep all of my Anne Rice, Bill Bryson and Jon Krakauer books on this shelf.

LR Br-Tall 6

The next shelf is just an entire photo of my Bluray TV season shelf.  It’s a really little shelf so I only have room for mass market size books in the leftover square (bottom right square).

Bluray Full

The last shelf is one that is actually tucked behind our couch.  We have to have it there to hold one of the speakers for our surround sound system.  We’re going to be selling our house in the next year or two so we don’t want to make too many holes in the walls that we’ll have to repair.  On this shelf I keep some of my Twilight extras, including the three available graphic novels.  I also have some of my favorite childhood books.

Speaker Shelf Full

So that’s it for my bookshelves!  I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look at my collection. I’ve had fun sharing these photos with you.  Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Tour My Bookshelves: Part 3

Tour My Bookshelves

I am back for week 3 of Tour My Bookshelves!  If you have missed my previous posts and are curious, feel free to check out week 1 and week 2!  Today I am moving you to the main floor of my home to check out my main bookshelves in my living room.  I have a couple of other shelves with books but not a full bookcase worth of books so those will be left to the final week.

First off, we have my short shelf that is located along the dividing wall of the living room and kitchen.  On this shelf I have some of my favorite series that are also my largest series.

LR Short Shelf Full

On shelf number 1 we have my Diana Gabaldon collection.  I have all of my Outlander books, Lord John Grey books, and even the first season on display.

LR Short 1

On shelf number 2 I have The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.  This is definitely one of my favorite series.  I have all of the books in mass market paperback and hardcover.  I keep the mmp in storage and display my hardcovers.   In November The Wheel of Time Companion will be released so I’ll have to somehow make some room for that.  I can’t wait to get it!

LR Short 2

On shelf number 3 I have the Harry Potter series and the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I also have the True Blood graphic novels shelved with the Sookie Stackhouse books.  It’s really interesting to me that the novels, show and graphic novels are all completely different.  Beginning in October, the Harry Potter books are going to be released, one per year, in a beautiful illustrated edition.  I have to have those so I’ll have to rearrange my shelves to make them fit.  I also have my Jane Austen graphic novels on this shelf as well as some of my husband’s graphics.

LR Short 3

Next up I have my tall bookshelf that abuts the dining room and is next to the tv.  It used to hold my massive DVD collection but I have decided that at this point, I would much rather display my books than my movies.  I moved all of my DVD discs into sleeves and put the cases in storage for now.


Now my discs fit in this fabric bin.


Anyways, onto the bookshelf!  I totally love the look of my books here rather than my overstacked dvds.  And now I have the perfect place to display my new collection of Funko Pop figurines!


On shelf number 1 I have some of my other favorite, smaller series.  Some of the series are incomplete so it will be interesting trying to rearrange as I acquire the rest of the books in the series.


On shelf number 2 I have all of my Jane Austen editions plus Jane Austen inspired contemporaries, The Grisha Trilogy and my Stephanie Meyer books.  I also keep my Kindle and Kindle Fire on top of the books.  Someday in a future, bigger house I will be able to have all of my classics together in one bookcase.


On shelf number 3 I have some of my YA hardcovers and other hardcovers with a couple of paperbacks thrown in.  Some I have read, others are still on my TBR.  I’ve been not buying books lately and my library is currently under a big renovation.  They have a temporary location but have a much smaller selection so I will be able to focus all of my efforts on reading the books I own.  I am actually really looking forward to it!


Shelf number 4 has some of my favorite paperbacks, both series and stand-alones.  There are only a few on this shelf that I have not read but I hope to remedy that soon.  Those include Linger, Forever, The Raven Boys, Euphoria and Station Eleven.


Shelf number 5 is full of books I need to read.  I haven’t read a single book on this shelf so I’m really looking forward to having more time for my owned books.  I’ve been getting burned out on NetGalley and author requests so at least for the rest of the year I will not be taking any more requests for reviews so I can fully concentrate on the books I have at home.


So those are the main bookshelves of my living room.  Stay tuned next week for the final post on Tour My Bookshelves where I’ll be showing my small, tiny shelves and partial shelves.

In other news, I had mentioned before that the person I carpool with to work bought a home in a different city so I would have to start driving every day, every month rather than every other month.  Luckily for me, I work with my dad and we live a mile away from each other.  He has agreed to not only carpool with me, but to always drive!  I still won’t have a lot of extra reading time because I like talking with him while we’re on the road.  But I will be saving a TON of money between gas, mileage being added to my car and oil changes.  I am so grateful for this! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Tour My Bookshelves – Part 2

Tour My BookshelvesToday is week 2 of the Tour My Bookshelves series.  If you missed my first post, check it out here.  Basically each week I am going to take you on a tour of my bookshelves, room by room all throughout the month of August.

This week I will be showing you the bookshelves in my bedroom  I have a tall 5 shelf bookshelf, a short 2 shelf and my blog cart holds some of my ARCs.  I actually turned my 5 shelf into a 6 shelf.  I went to Menards and the finished shelves they have don’t fit any of the shelves in my house so I had to make do with something else.  Luckily there was the perfect board in the bargain wood section.  It was a little too long but the depth was perfect.  I got it for less than $2.  My dad has a table saw so I just brought it over to his house to shorten the length.    For now it will not match the rest of the shelf because it is just plain wood.  It’s been too humid here to for paint to dry properly.

Bedroom Tall Shelf FullThere is the bookshelf in all it’s glory.  I keep my TBR jars on this bookshelf.  And even though I made them months ago, I have yet to use them.    The top three shelves and the bottom shelf are organized specifically and the middle three aren’t organized any special way.

Bedroom Tall Shelf 1Shelf 1 holds my Nicholas Sparks collection and part of my Tudors collection.

Bedroom Tall Shelf 2Shelf 2 holds my Philippa Gregory collection and other Tudor novels.

Bedroom Tall Shelf 3Shelf 3 holds my Tudor non-fictions and my Ireland collection, both fiction and non.

Bedroom Tall Shelf 4Shelf 4 has a random selection of books.  In the middle I do have all of my Tracy Chevalier books together.

Bedroom Tall Shelf 5Shelf 5 starts off with The Chronicles of Narnia and Anne of Green Gables and then moves into a random assortment of books.

Bedroom Tall Shelf 6Shelf 6 holds all of my Dear America and Royal Diaries books.  I had a little bit of extra space so for now I have A Lifetime of Secrets there until I can collect more Dear Americas and/or Royal Diaries.

I have a smaller bookshelf that also holds our TV.  Now that I have added a shelf plus the bookshelf from last week’s tour, I was able to clear out space for other items I needed to store.

Bedroom Small Shelf FullOn the top shelf I have my Wii and Wii Fit Balance Board along with my 70th anniversary GWTW dvd set.

Bedroom Small Shelf 2Shelf 2 holds my photo boxes and some of my husband’s books.

Bedroom Small Shelf 3Shelf 3 holds more of my books.  No real order to this shelf.

And the final book spot in my bedroom is the ARC shelf on my blog cart.

Bedroom ARC ShelfIt is full now, with my more recent ARCs on the new shelf in our office.  My blogiversary is coming up next month so I plan on doing a giveaway to pass some of these on.

Stay tuned next Monday to see more of my bookshelves!