30 Day Book Challenge – Day 1

30 Day Book Challenge

Day 1: Best book you read last year.

The best book that I read last year would have to be A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.  It is the long awaited final volume of The Wheel of Time series written by Robert Jordan and completed posthumously by Brandon Sanderson.  The first book, The Eye of the World, was published in 1990.  So it took 23 years to complete the series.  And if you are at all familiar with the series, you know that each book is at least 600 pages.


I began reading the series when a friend introduced it to me in 2004.  The only real fantasy fiction that I had read before this was The Lord of the Rings.  I was hooked immediately and started my collection.  In 2005 I started college and it was a little hard to read all of my books for school and keep track of all the characters and storylines when I couldn’t read as often as I wanted to.

By the time I got A Memory of Light I couldn’t wait to get started.  I was finally at the end of the series.  I needed to find out what happened to all of my favorite characters!  In the other books, the main characters end up scattered around the land where the series takes place.  In AMoL they were all brought back to the same place to fight the final battle.

If you’ve never read the series but are a fan of fantasy fiction, I would definitely recommend you read it.  I don’t have the writing skills to do the series justice so if you would like some more information on what the series is about, I would check out either of the following websites.

Dragonmount – A Wheel of Time Community

Encyclopaedia WoT