More Books!

I’ve been tossing around the idea of putting myself under a book buying ban… But then Half Price Books decided to have a 20% off sale this weekend!  I couldn’t resist!  I found some great titles today and almost all in the clearance section!  I usually start at the clearance rack first and then work my way to the other shelves.  I started to grab book after book!  I couldn’t believe my luck.


IMG_20150214_162134 IMG_20150214_162213IMG_20150214_162521

And I even managed to snag two dvds from the clearance section.


  • Son In Law – hilarious movie!  I’ve seen this so many times but never get tired of it.
  • The Bridges of Madison County – I really liked this book so I was excited to see this, brand new, still in the wrapper.

And last week after I got my car fixed I stopped at HPB on my way home and came home with a few.


Then I got this boxed set on Amazon for $15.


So those are my Valentine’s Day gifts to myself!  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

3 thoughts on “More Books!

  1. I loved Looking for Alaska! I read that book first and I’m glad I did. It shaped his books for me. I have Something Borrowed and my mom just bought Fahrenheit 451. I tried watching OitNB but couldn’t get into it and I haven’t watched World War Z because I wanted to read the book first.

    These finds are great! I am totally jealous!!! I need (but don’t need) a bookstore like this close by lol

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  2. Great finds! I need bookstores like this near me or I need to go on a hunt for really good bookstores! I love OITNB TV show, but never read the book. Son In Law is such a great movie. I always watch it when they play it on TV, I can’t resist passing it up.

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